4 Ways custom mobile apps can benefit your business

4 Ways custom mobile apps can benefit your business

According to ComScore, the average adult now spends almost three hours per day using a smartphone, with up to 90% of that time spent using apps. The most popular apps include those for online banking, e-commerce, social media, and instant messaging. Given the rise of mobile technologies in recent years, it shouldn’t be hard to see why custom mobile apps are rapidly gaining momentum in almost every industry.

For many businesses, having a mobile-friendly website simply isn’t enough to deliver excellent customer service. Although a website might be fine for providing easy access to basic information, a mobile app can go much further when it comes to refining user experiences and engaging with prospects and customers effectively. That’s where custom software and app development provides a way to form meaningful and lasting relationships with your audience.

#1. Personalize user experiences

More than ever, people are craving personalized user experiences, instant gratification, and ease of use. Custom mobile apps offer these experiences by giving you the opportunity to tailor them to the precise needs of your business’s goals, rather than relying solely on a one-size-fits-all solution like a mobile-friendly website.

With a custom mobile app, you have more opportunities to preserve your brand. Furthermore, you only need to choose the functions you and your users actually need, rather than risk bombarding them with feature bloat. This leads to a more streamlined solution that helps users address their challenges faster and more efficiently.

#2. Integrate with existing software

Often, off-the-shelf software has limited capabilities to integrate with other systems that you and your users rely on. While mobile websites can address these limitations to a degree, they are inherently limited by the constraints of running in a mobile web browser, which is always less responsive.

Bespoke mobile apps are tailored to the specific needs of your business, which means they can be programmed from the ground up to work with your existing systems. For example, data collected via your app can be automatically fed into your customer relationship management (CRM) software.

#3. Generate actionable data

Every digital activity generates data that can lead to actionable insights and opportunities for growth. The challenge lies in knowing where to collect this data, how to collect it, and how to make sense of it. Data analytics is a complex and multifaceted yet extremely important driver of success.

Custom mobile apps don’t just offer the opportunity to make life easier for your users; they also offer you ample chance to collect important data. Again, thanks to the fact that bespoke apps can be integrated with existing systems, you can have this data automatically delivered to your analytics platform.

#4. Improve customer relationships

User experiences are at the frontline of customer relationship management. Consider, for example, how you’d feel if you wanted to buy something online using a mobile device. Chances are, you’ll quickly lose patience and start looking elsewhere if your wishes are to be greeted with a clunky website that doesn’t function well on the small screen.

Custom mobile apps can streamline user experiences by providing the features and degree of functionality that your users expect. They’re solution-focused, meaning they guide users along the shortest possible path to reach a desired outcome, whether that’s to pay an energy bill online, check an account balance, or even order groceries.

While having a custom mobile app developed is always going to be more expensive than buying an off-the-shelf solution or developing a mobile-friendly website, the return on investment for custom mobile apps make them worth the investment. After all, consider what having more and longer-lasting customers means to your business.

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