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Biometric Systems and Data Management

Smoother tracking and authentication process starts here

Zentech I.T Solutions’s biometric systems provide assurance in validating user identity. Our solutions are advanced, yet easy to install and use. We deliver unmatched reliability and consistency, and help you eliminate the need for traditional identity cards prone to theft, loss, and other defects. Our biometric systems allow customers to verify users’ fingerprints, faces, palms, irises, and other readable body parts.

Our biometric systems allow users to collect data, such as fingerprint scans, and convert them into database-storable digital formats that can be interpreted and validated using a computer system. This approach makes it difficult for an unauthorized user to gain network access or information. And unlike PIN or identity cards, it is unlikely that a user will misuse or misplace biometric data.

Our biometric solutions provide a greater level of assurance.

The benefits include:

  • Biometrics and password options for automation of secure systems and process
  • Time attendance software -- offers real-time reports on employee absence and presence
  • Reduction of data loss from employee fraud
  • Better control of data and systems
  • Elimination of malpractice
  • Reduced risk of losing cards or keys
  • Decrease in identity theft such as buddy punching
  • Fast and accurate recognition
  • Reliable user matching for audit trails
  • Diverse areas of application
  • Elimination of manual time registers
  • Minimized risk of unauthorized access
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • Cisco Registered Partner
  • Oracle Gold Parnter
  • Red Hat Ready Business Partner
  • Google Cloud Platform Partner