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Comprehensive investment management system


Front Office solutions cover bases in the investment process, from the Asset Manager and Accounting to the Fund Administration. Our asset management software includes intuitive position analysis and investment-simulation capabilities, with risk and performance metrics seamlessly integrated into simulations and strategies. Thus, the Asset Manager stands ready to help you realize your growth ambitions. Similar to customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, the Client Manager has the capacity to keep a record of communications with the client and allows you to create new client accounts as well as portfolios for both new and existing clients from within the solution. Our reporting solutions, via the Report Book Manager, collects input from various sources and presents the results in a uniform report rather than a collection of various reports. With fully automated reporting workflows, Report Book Manager reduces the risk of human error. Combining Report Book Manager with the power of Zen Invest reporting solution means you can distribute client-specific reports to thousands of institutional and private clients at the same time.

The Middle Office solutions start with the Performance Manager who allows you to conduct in-depth analysis at every decision-making level. The solution provides you with built-in transparency capabilities so you can drill back from any return to the market values and cash flows that underlie it. The Data Management is comprised of three aspects. Investment Book of Record Manager helps you make the most informed decisions with the highest degree of automation and accuracy. Data Warehouse Manager serves as the central repository for all reporting and analytics data, whether sourced directly from Dimension or alternate sources. And with the Market Data Manager, you can download both static and real-time market data such as price information, foreign exchange rates, bids, offers, and more from the relevant sources and into your investment management applications. The solution facilitates integration with a number of price providers and connection types, including Bloomberg®, Microsoft® Windows™ Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), Reuters® Source/Sink Library (SSL), Reuters® First™ (Falcon™), and in Internet (HTML) or XML formats.

You can choose from two types of deployment: Managed or Cloud-based, or On Premise.

Managed / Cloud-based deployment allows for:

  • Minimized operational risks and focus on your core competencies
  • Stable and high-performing operations
  • Independence from infrastructure issues
  • Timely and smooth upgrades

On Premise deployment allows for:

  • Full control and data security
  • Flexible configuration adapted to your needs
  • Leveraging of internal resources