IT services that are tailor-made according to your needs

IT Staffing

Move your business forward with the right manpower

We have positioned ourselves as the premier providers of IT talent and staffing solutions for our customers. In the past, we have provided both staffing for a whole project and only a few human resources for simpler tasks. We are committed to hiring the right skills and talent to meet our clients’ demanding IT initiatives.

We have a professional and ethical human resource team that strictly follows hiring laws and standards. Our professionals also keep current with the latest job market trends. Our recruitment process is stringently not biased or influenced by factors such as gender, origin, color, physical inability, age, or race.

We help you get the right person for the job


We deploy a highly effective, tested, and trusted process to screen, recruit, and engage IT talent. We help hire:

  • Developers
  • IT support personnel
  • Hardware experts
  • CTOs and CIOs
  • Customer support representatives

We deploy various channels such as social media, university placement program, employment bureaus, and other associations to discover and list top talent. We have a system for screening and testing potential employees before placement. We apply our knowledge of the client’s needs and industry standards to identify and recruit experienced candidates through our hiring process. Currently, Zentech as a database of top IP specialists with their CVs, profiles, salary expectations, and addresses.


Zentech extensive network within the technical workforce offers us with information on ways to outsource and assemble various specialists to help a business achieve its predetermined objectives. Zentech provides outsourcing solutions such as:

  • IT help desk
  • IT infrastructure support management
  • System management
  • Training
  • Guided repair and upgrading

Benefits of Zentech outsourcing include:

  • Reduced IT staffing costs
  • Risk management
  • Continuity since there is no overdependence on some key personnel
  • Companies can focus on core business as an outsourced team handle IT functions
  • The team is current with IT trends and solutions
  • Cheap way to enjoy R&D services

We have put in place measures to ensure that IT outsourcing solutions are aligned with company strategy and changes as the business evolves.