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An online Point of Sale app has a user friendly interface


ZEN POS is an online Point of Sale app has a user friendly interface that everyone can use without difficulty. The POS can be used online, on iPads, Android tablets or laptops Say goodbye to ugly, expensive, outdated POS systems and enjoy the ZEN POS web interface designed for the modern retailer.

Key Features

  • Handling multiple customers
  • Handling multiple stores
  • simple stock management
  • Register report
  • Products with taxes
  • Discount (you can add a specific discount for every customer OR a discount for each sale)
  • Reports (customers, product number) (monthly stats in the current or other years) ... etc
  • Clients or products report in a specific Range.
  • Barcode scanner compatible (for the products and sales receipt)
  • Print and save receipts
  • Hold sales option
  • On-Screen Keyboard (you enables or disabled in the setting page)
  • Set Receipt Header and Footer.
  • Optimized for best performance
  • Responsive
  • And many more for the futures updates

Get all the advantages of an in-house IT without the high costs..

System Features

As an all-in-one POS system, ZenPoS is jam-packed with features to help small businesses grow. In addition to processing transactions, ZenPoS provides a bevy of tools to boost sales, manage your business and more.

Credit card processing

ZenPoS lets you accept credit cards using both a traditional credit reader and a mobile credit card processor. It works with most merchant account providers and credit card processing ZenPoS ors, including PayPal and others.

Product management

ZenPoS aims to make it easy to manage products right inside the software. You can do simple things like add, update and remove products, as well as input stock and tax information. It also features a host of customization options to accommodate different product variations, such as sizes, colors and more. One feature we like in particular is that ZenPoS lets you create default pricing options based on different criteria — for instance, preset discounts based on special promotions, locations and types of customer which saves you time while minimizing errors and lost sales opportunities.

Real-time reporting

An analytics program is key to seeing how your store is doing and making wiser business decisions. ZenPoS comes with real-time reporting to give you actionable insights into your business's performance. You can generate reports based on preset metrics or create customized reports based on the information you need. Data points include your most profitable products, best customers, top salespeople, problem areas, sales trends and more. You can also set goals for your sales team, and ZenPoS additionally lets each sales rep create and track his or her own targets.

Customer service

One of the reasons ZenPoS stands out as the best all-in-one POS system is its customer support. Unlike our competitors, ZenPoS offers 24-7 live customer support, so you can easily speak to a real person whenever you need help. You can reach ZenPoS support anytime by phone, email, help desk, social media and live chat right on the ZenPoS website. ZenPoS has one of the friendliest customer support representatives.

Inventory management

ZenPoS’s inventory-management tools let you automate all types of tasks, such as product counts, low-stock alerts and reordering when your stock reaches a pre-set threshold. This saves you from having to manually and constantly check inventory yourself.

Marketing tools

Boost sales by turning first-time buyers into repeat customers. Marketing tools include a loyalty program to reward customers for their business and a customer relationship management (CRM) feature. The loyalty program automatically adds each customer at checkout, so they can easily earn and redeem discounts and special rewards. It also comes with reporting tools so you can see key data like who your best customers are, which helps you better target them for future campaigns. ZenPoS 's CRM tool, on the other hand, lets you automatically create and organize customer lists that include a myriad of data such as contact information, purchase histories, payment histories, account balances and more that you can also use for more effective marketing campaigns.

Third-party integrations

One of the features that make an all-in-one POS system truly complete is that it integrates with apps and tools your business already uses. This capability can save you tons of time by automatically syncing your data across apps so you don't have to manually import it or, worse, enter it yourself. For example, ZenPoS can connect to accounting software Xero and QuickBooks and others automatically import sales data into your books, reconcile daily sales with bank accounts, and create custom invoices and more. Other integrations include inventory-management systems, email-marketing tools, mobile ordering, e-commerce solutions, credit card processing services and appointment-scheduling apps.