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Information Security

All your information security and compliance needs in one place

Zentech Solutions Limited provides companies with services that protect them from today’s evolving threats. We understand the importance of system access and digital security. As such, we are committed to solutions that address challenges faced by our clients. We evaluate high-impact tools with reliable research and regulatory standards to achieve security objectives.

We focus on securing critical assets such as customer data, financial information, intellectual property, and brand reputation. We ensure data integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

Leverage our expertise to get well-designed and complete information security and compliance.

Our information security services include:

  • Penetration testing to establish client’s weakness to minimize threats associated with existing systems
  • Software security testing to provide a security perspective and to prevent exposure to the source code
  • Network security thorough methodologies and experts that help develop mitigation strategies
  • Mobile security as a result of the sophisticated BYOP policies and proliferation of mobile platforms and applications
  • Cloud security services designed to helps protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data and systems in cloud environments
  • Regulatory compliance which is the driving aspect of a company’s security strategy
  • Response services which can be a rambling task for most organizations
  • Security training
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Security audit
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • Cisco Registered Partner
  • Oracle Gold Parnter
  • Red Hat Ready Business Partner
  • Google Cloud Platform Partner