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Human Resource Management System

Gain insights into the future of your organization today

ZenHRMS – HR is a logical, integrated, and streamlined extension of the ZenHRMS Payroll System, revolving around the HR responsibilities of your business. What’s more, you can incorporate the system seamlessly with other modules like Intelligence Reporting, which will improve your insights into your organization and help you make informed business decisions.

Features include:

  • Process-driven system that follows a systematic HR approach
  • Easy-to-use electronic files that include document attachments like CVs, IDs and certificates
  • Scheduled, automatic email updates that remind your employees, managers and users of important follow-up dates
  • Simplified HR management through gap analyses to help you with general HR management
  • Easy access to employee records, performance reviews, and HR management reports
  • Over 140 standard HR reports, including a host of summary, detail, grid analysis, and graph reports.

One thing that keeps employees happy and motivated is knowing that they’re important and valuable to the business. We equip you with the tools to manage your employees’ careers efficiently and accurately.

Manage jobs and positions

The Job Management Module follows a job-centric design. All other modules use information defined in the position profile, which allows you to capture:

  • The location and competency requirements for all positions in the company hierarchy
  • Key performance areas (KPAs) and indicators (KPIs)
  • Qualifications and training and previous experience of the person

You can also conduct and print an employee suitability analysis that provides a shortlist of suitable candidates. You can quickly and easily print up-to-date job profiles and organizational charts, too.

Manage succession and career planning

Amongst a host of other tasks, you can:

  • Earmark positions
  • Plan career paths
  • Link career and succession planning with equity and skills development plans
  • Monitor and manage training and development for earmarked employees
  • Print an organizational chart showing employees earmarked for succession

Learning & Training Development

With this module, ZenHRMs allows you to:

  • Define scarce and critical skills at position level
  • Link with the performance management process that enables you to set up a personal development action plan per employee
  • Record development interventions and training-related information per employee

Employee Performance

The Performance Management Module will let you:

  • Prepare and conduct 360° performance and competency reviews
  • Put together performance goals and personal development action plans per employee
  • Formulate performance development plans per employee combining job requirements, review results, and development areas
  • ZenHRMS - HR works hand-in-hand with our ESS, allowing employees to complete their performance reviews online


The SMART HR (Solutions Manager and Reporting Tool) module lets you view and analyze data directly from the ZenHRMs system. It will allow you to see:

  • A current workforce and training analysis
  • Organizational charts that show the company reporting structure by level or as a whole