Who We Are

Zentech I.T Solutions is a practical information technology consultancy and solutions provider, we develops systems and software, provide I.T support, I.T training, project management, strategic business solutions, integrated into our client’s business processes. We also develop and manage cost effect complex I.T systems to power our clients to run their operations uninterrupted. Zentech I.T Solutions deliver value in a form of service to Organizations, Businesses, Corporations and Government.

Zentech has a dedicated team of I.T professionals, Business Solutions experts and experienced solutions providers with years of practical experience in the I.T industry.

Zentech I.T Solutions is an information technology consultancy and solutions provider that develops integrable systems and software for our clients’ business processes. We also provide IT support, training, project management, and strategic business solutions.

We cultivate and manage cost-efficient, comprehensive IT systems to empower our clients and maximize uptime. We deliver value through tailor-made services to organizations, SMBs, corporations, and government agencies.

Zentech I.T Solutions has a dedicated team of IT professionals and Business Solutions experts with years of practical experience in the IT industry.

Zentech I.T Solutions is dedicated to delivering the most advanced, innovative, and cost effective technologies to our clients.

We hope to rise through the ranks to become one of the best IT solutions providers, transforming the face of technology in Africa and across the World.

Our vision is to bring our customers into the future through innovation and modern technology. We work to create a better tomorrow by exceeding customers' expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our company.

We work closely with our clients to help achieve equal balance between ICT and business strategies.



We live and work with the highest integrity and respect toward colleagues and customers.



We strive to be innovative, creative, and flexible in everything we do.



We embrace change within our company, amongst our customers, and amongst ourselves. We see change as an opportunity, not a threat.



We believe every person is responsible for the success and failure, for the profit and loss, for the highs and lows of our organization. We embrace responsibility, not fear it.



We insist on profitability to ensure that we can continue providing customers with valuable services for years to come. We do not focus on short-term profitability at the expense of either our long-term goals or our ethics and responsibilities to our customers.



Our work is fun and challenging -- and we constantly strive to make it more so. We stretch ourselves to new limits, setting aggressive goals and rewarding progress while understanding that we must have accountability and commitment.



We thrive on education, knowledge sharing, and debate -- we will not allow ignorance, egotism, or close-mindedness to stop our progress. We are committed to defining, measuring, and improving formal methodologies for everything we do. We are fanatics when it comes to consistency, details, and repeatable methodologies.



Above all else, we believe in customer service. We want to overwhelm our customers with our energy, enthusiasm, and exceptional service. We have quality and service at our foundation, and we use cost and speed as competitive advantages.



We ensure that our commitments are not taken lightly -- because they're guarantees.



We have a passion for excellence and a hatred of bureaucracy. We are optimistic yet grounded in reality. We are not cynical. We have enormous energy and we energize others around us.

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