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Pharmacy Management System


Zen Pharmacy management system ensures efficient operation, modern invoicing, revenue management, track inventory, and business promotion. The pharmacy software also acts as pharmacy billing software.


Efficient automation in the right place with the right technology can make a significant difference in business. Using pharmacy software can ensure the useful output of your pharmacy business. It also manages your employees, along with accurate data and good customer service.

  • Be a successful Pharmacy holder:
    ZenPharma will elevate you to the business success stage if you can operate it the right way. Do business, get more customers
  • Track expense, Boost income:
    Now you can calculate daily, monthly and yearly business income and expenses using pharmacy management software. Anytime access from anywhere with accurate results.
  • Better CRM Management:
    Through the pharmacy software, you can manage excellent customer service for your respected customers. You can keep your customer data to communicate with them as per special days, occasions, offers, campaigns.
  • Rhythm with the time:
    Applying automation in business now is the demand for the era. So, to be up to date, choose a solution that solves your retail pharmacy management problem. Use ZenPharma to manage your pharmacy management more efficiently with valid data, information and become a technologically innovative Pharmacy owner.
  • Automate your account-book:
    No need for the manual ledger to maintain your accounts. No time waste away on report making. No longer waiting for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports. Only One or few clicks will provide the full financial statements anytime anywhere to the admin. And no doubt it is automated and accurate.
  • Accelerate your workforce:
    Pharmacy Management System can manage your daily activities automatically and make you more skilled to accelerate your workforce. It can also track all information you input or output through the System.

Why Zen Pharmacy Management System or Pharmacy Software

In general, we know pharmacy management manages the medicine stock selecting the suitable medicine needed by the customers to refill the inventories and remove the expired ones. But if we think it from a business point of view, it is entirely different than we know from outside. Pharmacy management deals with tasks like administrative finance and overall operations of the pharmacy. It is a challenging job to maintain all these activities manually. So we decided to introduce an e pharmacy concept or Pharmacy Management System below:

The software is a managed system that consists of data entry, retrieval and monitoring stock, sale, customer records, and management administrator records determination of the minimum quantity of each drug. String search technique also applied in this System. This technique is referred to by drugs name code and description of medicines and other items. The System also provides two types of methods: the drugs' quantity and expiry date. This System always checks the date to remind the salesman if the particular drug has expired and will be triggered to remind the salesman if certain drugs reached the minimum quantity. This System enables the administrator to control and monitor the drugs stock effectively.

"Zen Pharma" is a well-integrated pharmacy management system designed by the Zentech, a reputed IT company for easy pharmacy management that can navigate the complexities of dispensing, inventory management, and daily operational functions. Zen Pharma is a pharmacy management software that can incorporate automatic filling, barcode driven workflow, inventory management, Point of sale, and whole enterprise management. This is a leading powerful and economical System in the marketplace for any size pharmacy operation. It handles the top advanced things, like virtual inventory management, with ease. It ensures that your pharmacy will stand up to the audits you're exposed to from customers, suppliers, and others.

The System can meet the end-to-end operational necessities to supply comprehensive pharmacy services. The System eliminates abundantly of the price, associated with nursing user maintenance for an enterprise. Several different merchandises within the market need various hardware, software, and interface development to support the software package. But Zentech is committed to developing dynamic solutions to reduce initial infrastructure outlay and to maximize support desires.

Zen Pharmacy Management System and its advantages

The vital advantage of a Medicare automation software package just like a pharmacy management system is that you will modify all your methods. The pharmacy management software system will store all the customer's history, and invoicing can also fix a rendezvous with this aid. If anyone wants to see the daily record, the software package instantly shows the small print.

Another advantage of the System is that you will access the information anytime when you're online. This kind of technique will help you to analyze details, even though you're far away from your enterprise. You can also share some information with your workers.

Reducing your operating expenses is one of the most benefits of this software package. With the work done physically, you need to recruit various workers to complete work on time. With this software package, one or two workers will perform more task due to query management, handling payments and customers or patients and daily expenditure management. They must take care of documents and records like medicine's records, revenue, invoices, etc. Doing these works requires a considerable amount of time, and manual errors are not less. The traditional pharmacy management system has pitfalls like these. As a result, pharmacy software becomes popular among others to solve this problem forever with a paperless, faster, and accurate pharmacy management execution.

Another advantage of the medical store software package is to minimize manual error. Within the medical trade, one minor mistake will have massive issues, notably the daily business record. However, the software will scale back this sort of error by playing some programs. The day-to-day task management of a pharmacy is, all in one, a complicated task management system. 

Zen Pharma Features to Magnify Your Pharmacy

Suppose you want to reduce the cost and improve the Quality of Medicare service by advancing your systems. In that case, we can more widely address the prevalent automation technology and reduce your distress level. Meet the Zentech Team to Experience the ultimate Solution.

Apply Automation, Be Dynamic, Accelerate Profit

Medicine Management System:

  • Produce medicine with the brand name, generic name, code number, barcode, shortcode, category, picture, purchase, sale, VAT calculation, opening stock and supply name.
  • Entry or change the opening stock of each product.
  • Check the stock of any product at the end of the year or anytime.
  • Remove expired or unwanted products from your stock.
  • Determine the discount product percentage of each product according to the category or separately.
  • Print barcodes on a label printer or laser printer.

Purchase Management System:

  • Create a modern POS invoice, including every necessary detail.
  • Purchase of cash and baggage products.
  • Return or change purchased products.
  • Know your balance.
  • Print barcode according to the purchase catalogue.
  • Manage previous and present purchase price. (First in First Out, Last In First Out or According to Elevation).

Sales Management System:

  • Access the mode of sales and cash in arrears.
  • Return or change the sale of goods.
  • Know your available balance.
  • Demonstrate the time to sell the discounts and make the sale price as required.
  • Hold any bill according to need and then recall.
  • Print sales receipt for A4, A5, A6 and POS size.

Customer and Supply Management:

  • Create customers and suppliers with names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and other necessary information.
  • Enter the opening balance between the customer and the supplier.
  • Set the rest of the limit and the deadline as per the requirement.
  • View the list of the rest according to the customer and the supplier.
  • View the stock and buy-sell list according to the supplier.
  • View the profit/loss report according to the supplier.
  • See customer and supply statements.

Important Reporting System Integrated

  • Daily Purchase & Sale List.
  • Daily Cash Collection and Payment.
  • See stock reports in various ways.
  • View any profit and loss report of any time.
  • View the list of customers and suppliers.
  • Access Overdue Sale and withdrawal list.
  • The list of buy-sells, according to customers and suppliers.

Integrated Multi- privileges

  • Backup and restore the database as per the requirement or automatically.
  • Product search by code number, barcode, shortcode, brand name or generic name.
  • Find out the old receipt for buying and selling with barcode, receipt number, date of purchase, or customer/supplier name.
  • Defining how a user can work
  • Set up a separate printer and paper size according to a computer.
  • ZenPharma will run in IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge browser.

Information Management System

  • Record the contact information of your customer as a lead.
  • Manage employee information details.
  • Sooth the flow of your essential message among the employee & others.
  • SMS, Message & Email etc contact option(coming)
  • Website integration To ensure online presence(coming)

Human Resource Management

There is a Human Resource management system in ZenPharma. This System is designed to ensure your efficient use of human resources. The HRM module has the following options,

  • Employee Salary.
  • Benefits.
  • Income Tax.
  • Attendance.

Invoice Creating System

The System has three different Sale systems. To make your sale more efficient and comfortable, ZenPharma has a particular sale system named GUI Sale Interface. You can select products without touching the Keyboard and use the Bar/QR code reader on this page.

Stock Management System

There are two types of stock reports in Zen Pharma. The first report for the total quantity of all the products and the second report is Batch wise. You can also check the medicine expiration date of medicine batch-wise in this list.

Service Management System

ZenPharma has a service management system. You can add as many services as you want. Users can also create service invoices from this module. 

Return Management System

Return is significant for a medicine shop. Sometimes you need to return some product from customers. ZenPharma has a unique system to keep records of returning. You have to insert the invoice number. This System also has the option to return the product to the manufacturer.

Accounts Management System

The Accounts modules of Zenpharma has a complete accounts system. You can take payment from customers and pay the bill of the manufacturer from this module. The accounts module has the following options,

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Manufacturer payment
  • Supplier payment
  • Customer Receive
  • Cash Adjustment
  • Debit Voucher
  • Credit Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Voucher Approval

Report Management System

The report is an essential part of any business. It will help you understand your business's current condition and help to take future decisions. The report module has the following options,

  • Closing
  • Closing Report
  • Today's Report
  • Sales Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Sales Report (Medicine Wise)
  • Profit/Loss (invoice Wise)
  • Profit/Loss (manufacturer wise)
  • Profit/Loss (medicine Wise)

Why Choose Our Product?

While many businesses provide precisely the exact solutions, there are numerous reasons why we are Unique:

Accumulative solutions

You are getting all-important business services, including Inventory management, purchase order direction, Sales report, Accounting, HR, Remote monitoring and control.

How long do I get support?

You are going to have accessibility to Software support if you hold an active Annual Maintenance Contract.

Quality designed

With Bootstrap and HTML 5 design, our Software Interface is 100% Responsive on any device and Quality.

On-demand customization

This Application is 100% Customizable. We are ready to customize based on your company requirements.

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Pharmacy Management System

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