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Payroll Management System

All your payroll needs, in one centralized system

Zentech I.T Solutions’s Payroll Management System specifically targets enterprises. It has all the features of payroll processing that typical HR/Accounts departments in companies of any size would follow. The software covers all the forms that the Government Revenue Regulatory bodies require every enterprise to adopt with respect to their employees.

Whether you have few employees or many, setting up a payroll system not only streamlines your ability to stay on top of your legal and regulatory responsibilities as an employer, but also saves time and protects you from costly penalties.

Payroll Management System saves and provides complete information of employees’ profiles with detailed employee reports, employee monthly salary reports, monthly employees’ provident fund reports, employee departments, and designation list.

Features include:

  • Define the emoluments, deductions, leave, etc.
  • Generate and manage payroll processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to an employee
  • Generate reports related to employee, attendance/leave, employees’ provident funds and other employee/employer contributions’ reports
  • Managed security
  • Generate and maintain pay slips, pay sheets, pay summaries, salary advancements, fixed allowance and deductions, monthly allowance and deductions, overtime calculations, no pay deduction, payee tax report, no pay detailed report, late minutes deduction report, signature sheets, loan maintenance, and automatic salary bank transfer
  • Accurate salary processing, employee statutory deductions, and employer statutory contributions with the help of predefined processes
  • User-defined production units i.e., attendance, production, and time-based units
  • User-defined earnings and deductions pay heads
  • User-friendly interface that can be customized and accessed based on business requirement
  • Run payroll registers to double-check information before depositing salary in employee bank accounts; allows you to identify errors and correct them in advance

Benefits include:

  • Manage employee information efficiently
  • Saves time and minimizes error
  • Enter payment information quicker than a manual system
  • Computerized payrolls simplify tax processing
  • Seamlessly integrates with other softwares
  • Computerized payroll eliminates the stress of processing all the records
  • Get archived payroll reports when you need, in just one click
  • Reduces total cost of ownership and increases return on investment
  • Tracks and maintains all the information of salary transfer