Get a free POS!

As a business owner operating in the service industry, it’s integral that you maintain high levels of customer satisfaction while effectively managing staff and ensuring departments such as marketing, membership, staffing, ordering, and accounting have access to efficient and reliable technology 24/7.

Zentech I.T Solutions’s FREE Point of Sale (POS) solutions help you analyze sales data now and historically over time. This will empower you to tweak purchasing levels when necessary, or adjust buying decisions for seasonal purchases. You can also improve pricing accuracy through integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorization.

Our FREE POS includes:

  • POS consulting services - solutions are tailored according to your business requirements
  • POS training - to optimize team output
  • POS support services - we work around the clock to swiftly detect and resolve issues
  • E-commerce integration - to establish your business's online presence
  • Credit card processing - integrates various payment technologies so transactions can be made directly from the POS
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